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Eight Sleep Pod Review | The Best Cooling Mattress Ever?!

– hi there Sleepers, Clint right here from Tuck. Today we’re Tuck be checking out the company new Eight Sleep Pod. Eight Sleep entered the sleep area with a shrewd mattresscover that had monitoring and heating capabilities. Now they’ve advanced to the Eight Sleep Pod which is a comprehensive sleep process. It has a mattress, an energetic grid with heating and cooling capabilities, and it can be managed with the aid of their app. The Pod boasts numerous facets and it’s one of the onlyactive cooling merchandise available on the market. But does it work? Preserve observing to discover. (upbeat music) testing the mattress in these days, now we have typical weight sleeper Clint. That is me! So here is the deal, thisis a designated mattress that tries to personalizeyour sleep expertise in the type of information trackingand temperature legislation. So we’re modifying ourstandard mattress evaluation to incorporate these features, and i will be sharing my sleepexperience alongside the way.Let’s get to it. Constructing the Eight Sleep Pod is a bit more involvedthan your usual bed in a box mattress. It arrives with three bins of stuff and recommendations to get you going. After unboxing the mattress and connecting everythingaccording to the plans, you can have got to set up the Eight Sleep app and sync it with the hub. Follow guidelines on theapp to prime the process and it’s going to immediate you to seta user profile whilst ready. It’s going to ask you a few questionsabout your sleep preferences and that i chose for it to keepme bloodless during the night. That you could also invite a companion to the opposite facet of the bed. They’ll manage their sideindependent of your part with their own gadget. They’ll get a snooze health ranking, and a breakdown of their outcome. That you may share that within the app along with your companion orkeep it to yourself. It took about two hours to get the whole thing up and going for walks, so it can be something to preserve inmind on your first night time.The Eight Sleep Pod comes with an eleven-inch combined-foam mattress. The comfort layers consistof two inches Luracor foam, which is a latex substitute, on high of two inches of polyfoam, on prime of two inches of fourpound visco reminiscence foam. The help core consists 5 inches of high density polyfoam. The quilt is made frompolyester and cotton, and incorporate Eight Sleep’s lively grid, which is a shrewd sleeptracker and thermal regulator. The active grid connectsto your hub by way of tubing and the hub is controlledwith the Eight Sleep app to warmth or cool water during the grid to adjust to your sleep option. The sleep tracker sends knowledge to the app during the night time — recording whilst you getin bed, go to sleep, attain deep sleep, toss and switch, get up, get out ofbed, and other metrics. It tracks and charts these routine and rates your leisure with a nap ranking. The mattress with the Eight Sleep Pod is about a six out of tenon the firmness scale.Making it a medium firm mattress. Given that the grid enclosuresits atop the relief foams, you could consider it through yourmattress protector and sheets. It makes it a little bit firmerand less conforming than it could otherwise be. You’re going to believe towards sound asleep on rather than within the mattress. To gauge support, welook at spinal alignment while sleepers lay on their aspect. I recruited some help from the Tuck workforce to show how the mattress performs with special body forms. As you will see that the Podprovides enough aid for most sleepers, though, it’s relatively better for gentle and common weight sleepers. To investigate movement isolation, I positioned a tumbler of wateron one facet of the mattress and that i moved around the different.Like most foam mattresses, the Pod does a greatjob of absorbing movement, and the glass barely moves. The active grid coverdoes transfer some motion however it’s beautiful indiscernible. When watching at side aid, i spotted significantsinkage whilst sitting on and sleeping practically the brink of the bed. It’s lovely commonfor all foam mattresses to have weak part help, and the Eight Sleep Pod is no exception. Utilizing our second and 3D pressure mapping tools we’re competent to inform how well the Eight SleepPod relieves strain.I introduced back members of the team to exhibit how the mattress performs with extraordinary body types. As you will see that, themattress did a decent job reliving pressure. We did experience somepressure on our hips and shoulders even as laying on our aspect, however total it did well. On the subject of temperature neutrality, the sleep procedure is oneof the great on the market.The lively grid can heat and funky to a vast variety of temperatures and with the app that you can dial in to your preferred temperature preference, and it is going to even adjustthroughout the night time. (upbeat drum track) So i’ve been sleepingon the bed a couple of week. On my first day I mounted my profile to be cold and stay coldthroughout the night.Immediately I would tell the difference from my ordinary mattress, as quickly as I received in bed itwas really cool to the touch, I was in a position to get relaxed andsnuggle in relatively speedily. So the subsequent morning, I wasexcited to look on the results and immediately i noticed thatit credited to me more hours than I virtually slept. Digging a little bit deeper into the results I used to be competent to peer that theapp was registering me as being asleep the entire time Iwas in bed simply observing tv, and in the morning after I aroused from sleep I laid in bed a littlebit, as I regularly do, it was still crediting me for more sleep.So, the app had a rough time distinguishing between once I was once in bedawake and laying nonetheless, and surely dozing. I additionally noticed that the app was once registering me as waking up and getting out of bed multiple times throughout the night. I know consciously I didn’t do this, and i’m lovely definite i am no longer a sleepwalker so that form of stood out to me as good.There’s a function in the app where that you could edit your sleep periods, so you could alter the timeyou get inside and outside of bed or fall asleep and get up. You cannot however edit the events inside your sleep sessions so those times I wokeup and received out of bed, you can’t alternate that. I did edit my sleep session to the instances that I consider like actuallyfell asleep and awoke, and going ahead I madean effort to make sure that I only got in bed whenI was ready to fall asleep and once I awoke within the morning I got up and got out of there.So for the following couple of nights I wanted to test out thefeatures that the app offers. They’ve obtained thermal alarmsand temperature profiling. So the thermal alarm allows for you to get up with a gradual heating or cooling. I established out each usingno audible accompaniment to peer how these things genuinely work. Warming labored relatively well for me, it acquired sizzling made me wish to get up and get away from bed within the morning. Cooling — it did get rather bloodless but it surely just felt comfortable to me and that i desired to remain in mattress longer. I was once amazed at howwell the thermal alarm sincerely worked. I will see it being ahuge benefit for couples considering that you are no longer getting thatsound to wake every body up, you’re just heating orcooling your side of the mattress and also you wake up withoutdisturbing your companion.The temperature profile is how the method alter to your temperature preferences for the period of the night time. It breaks it down to 3 phases; bed time, deep sleep, and complete sleep. It will adjust thetemperature to your settings and what phase of sleepthe app thinks you’re in. My profile used to be set tothe default cold setting, and over the direction of mytime drowsing on the bed it did seem find it irresistible altered just a little bit and got cooler for me which I did like. So I went in and actuallymade it just a little colder to get a greater, morecomplete night time sleep. And it felt particularly satisfactory, I suppose I did. However going through my sleep data, I was still seeing all theseevents for the duration of the night, displaying that i’m waking up and getting out of bedmultiple instances, still. So, I don’t know if thatwas me just tossing and turning too much becauseI felt like I was getting a full complete night time sleep. So, I introduced it to the group and we theorized that maybe i am moving too a ways over intothe reverse part of the bed, and the app is registeringme as waking up.I suggestion it was kind of extraordinary when I was once establishing my profile that I had to select oneside of the mattress or the other, as a single sleeper i couldn’t just pick the entire mattress for myself. So, to experiment our conception Ibuilt a pillow barrier to maintain me containedto one facet of the bed, in hopes that theseevents would disappear. The next morning whenlooking over my sleeper data, i spotted that it simplest hadme getting up away from bed one time and all theseother events had been long past. So it fairly does appearthat the 2 zones work independently from each other, and you are not able to, as a single sleeper, utilize the whole mattress for yourself.This looks as if a neglected opportunity for the Eight Sleep Pod. The app also featuressmart house integration, so which you could set a entire sleep temper for when you’re capable to move to mattress, or join that thermalalarm to your coffeemaker and begin your morning off proper. Now I didn’t test these aspects, but if they work thatsound lovely exceptional. That stated, I did encountersome bugs with the app, so there are just a few instanceswhere the app displayed distinct data than the fashioned readout. I don’t know what was making this, and it at all times seemed to revert again to the correct, fashioned understanding. So, it had me confused onmore than one get together. At the same time looking at heartrate, respiratory fee, and mattress surface temperature, it looks as if theinformation is mislabeled considering i am getting averageslower than my minimums. I’m thinking perhaps the labels have been swapped. The app is cool, obviouslyit wants somewhat work.Optimistically they keepdeveloping it and fix these bugs, because this app couldbe a rather just right tool. I didn’t got down to be a better sleeper but after just a few daysof getting bad results I quite did want to see whatI can do to up that ranking. So I did tweak a bit bit to try and get that better score. It’s practically like a game. Watching at this mattressit’s pretty secure. It can be your standardmedium organization all foam mattress. I’m a combination sideand stomach sleeper, so I almost always select somethingsofter extra conforming, however that being said, it did not deter me from mynormal snoozing positions. However the cooling features is where it can be at. It saved me rather coolthroughout the night — I cherished it, it can be a fairly excellent night sleep. Now, lets see how the Eight Sleep Pod stacks up in our mattress scan.It has an all foam think, but relatively much less conforming considering the fact that of the lively grid cover. Support was once excellent for mild and usual weight sleepers, and excellent for heavy weight sleepers. Motion isolation is very good, even as aspect help is reasonable. Stress alleviation may be very goodfor ordinary weight sleepers, and good for gentle andheavy weight sleepers, and lastly temperatureneutrality is first-rate. So listed here are a number of takeaways from our Eight Sleep Pod testing.So, the Eight Sleep Podis not only a mattress, it can be a whole sleep system and comes with a bigger rate tag. So, in case you simply recentlybought a new mattress or love the one you have, you are not able to purchase thetechnology separately and combine it with what you already have. The system has multiple add-ons and as with all product,increasing the portions concerned raises the advantage points of failure.Additionally, this thinghas water running through it which makes physicallymoving it more difficult than a common mattress. The science is fairly cool but looks like there field few kinks to determine. And if you’re a solo sleeper who tends to maneuver round within the night time or sleep extra toward thecenter of the mattress, the procedure could struggleto track you effectively. We suggest the Eight Sleep Pod for temperature touchy sleepers. So if you sleep excessivelyhot or excessively cool, the energetic grid can fairly support you control your temperaturethroughout the night time. With the 2 independentclimate managed zones together with fine motion isolation, and the thermal alarms toprevent extra disturbance to your partner, the approach isa excellent match for couples. We recommend the Eight Sleep Pod for anybody who’sinterested in sleep health or watching for replacement methods to toughen their sleep. The sleep tracker and sleep health score offer advantage instruments to take action and i do know I observed myselfwanting to toughen my ratings because the nights went on.We recommend this approach for science and smart residence fanatics. It is without doubt an innovated sleep system. If you like new science or you are watching for a new gadget to pair together with your clever home, this might be a excellent match for you. If you are when you consider that the Eight Sleep Pod here’s some additional expertise you can be concerned with, the method comes with 100-nightsleep trial and ships free.It comes with a one yearwarranty on the tech and a ten 12 months mattress assurance. For up to date pricingand unusual discounts investigate the outline under or seek advice from us at Tuck.Com. That is it for our Eight Sleep Pod evaluate. Please like the video and subscribe to our channel in the event you discovered this valuable. If you have any questions about this or any product please leave them below and we will get again toyou as quickly as we can.Sleep good..