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Garden Room Workshop: Part 10. Warm roof

Welcome back all people in the final video we covered learn how to constitution a flat roof and i completed the roof joists we now know how my heat roof might be developed so on this video we will launch straight into constructing the sub deck first a fast word on accessibility for insulation if you build your roof joists like mine it can be predominant to be capable to entry the areas above the sidewalls with the intention to insulate them I had enough room underneath the overhang to get the insulation up and in but in the event you is not going to have entry after putting in the deck then now’s the time to insulate [Music] before I finish the sub deck absolutely I brought up my 11 millimeter OSB for the highest deck by way of the hole that i’d left open if you hadn’t guessed how I was moving these sheets already I used an 18-foot length of rope with the two ends tied collectively then looped below each side of the sheet fabric to create a control this turns it from a two-individual job into whatever that can be dealt with quite readily by means of just one once these sheets have been up I could flip my awareness to the following stage the vapor barrier and insulation because the vapor barrier wants to be on the within of the insulation in contrast to the ground where I would use aluminium tape on high I can not with no trouble tape the underside of the roof insulation mastic can be used the place the insulation sheets however one a different however I selected a polythene sheet alternatively [Music] laying the insulation like this used to be so much easier than cutting it to size to suit the ground joists above the overhang there wasn’t really the must insulate however I nonetheless wanted the highest deck to be supported so I decided that this could be a just right position to use all the scraps I had from doing the floor but didn’t want to waste and i made a very quality jigsaw now now we have a mild continuity error here you can find that there’s a lining masking the bushes border at this point I had blanketed the partitions with a climate proof breathable membrane something that i’m going to provide an explanation for in more element partly 12 and i had rather quite a bit left over so I concept it would do some just right to quilt the fascia as well here’s a just right move-sectional look on the roof construct up so far i will now move on to the highest deck [Music] the OSB boards around the edges are secured to the trees border however the board’s in the core are simply floating on high of the insulation so as to cozy them I used a hundred and eighty millimeter slab nails that have been lengthy adequate to arrive the roof joists but first I had to to find the joists to do that I made a mark on the Tyvek house wrap above each of the joists and secured a nail straight above it tied a size of string to it after which tied the other finish to a nail on the opposite side this gave me a line where the joists lay under the place I might hammer within the slab nails a number of did miss so I learnt to go away them somewhat proud of the surface then determine they weren’t displaying on the underside before hammering them flush in the event that they did miss I might pull them out and transfer them for this reason in case you’re questioning sure these nails do create a thermal bridge where warmth is misplaced and so they also pierce the vapor barrier so the bottom line is to not use too lots of them just sufficient to keep the OSB down and gravity does the rest so that is the heat roof carried out relatively a number of exceptional layers but it can be done quite swiftly the finished product although appears a lot the identical as after I finished the sub deck so the real aesthetic payoff will come in the next episode the place i’ll add the fascias and EPDM rubber roof as it is part 10 and slightly shorter than typical I notion i might talk in short concerning the channel first up thank you to the 600 will serve you who subscribed on the back of Keith’s recommendation on his rag-and-bone Brown youtube channel if you have not come throughout this channel he’s a down-to-earth UK self-taught woodworker with a exquisite array of movies and well valued at trying out so thank you on your aid and thanks mr.Brown in fact just 4 brief months in the past rarely any individual used to be gazing this series and while still a rather small Channel so far as YouTube is concerned it can be a testomony that in the event you serve an uncoated for niche folks do tend to return so I thought would be exciting to share a little bit about who this community is and viewership based on the stats YouTube provides it most of the time comes as obviously no surprise that the majority of you’re men however fairly how heavily weighted it’s was unexpected to me the biggest age bracket is from 35 to forty four which is the one above my possess given some concept this does make experience though as one desires a condo with a purpose to build a backyard room and that age group is extra likely to be capable to have the funds for a condo whilst nonetheless being young sufficient to want to take on a massive building project and eventually region once more no surprises that the majority are from the uk however it’s great to peer that the us isn’t second as I discovered a lot of the knowledge in these movies from observing us framing and house constructing channels obviously in case you are staring at from outside the united kingdom that you may ignore probably the most planning permission and constructing Breck stuff but the primary principle should keep wherever you might be so that is it for this one suppose free to ask any questions in the comments and i will do my excellent to reply the place i will and i’ll see you subsequent time