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20 Sanctuary Close Speewah Qld 4881 Angela Martin Real Estate

[Music] hi i am Angela Martin and welcome to number 20 sanctuary closed Inspira we’re just going to explore this wonderful culture property it is on about six acres only a fractional through 6.2 acres and it has the cutest stunning little condo it’s obviously about tradition it’s obtained a dam it can be acquired a massive big three babeon shed and it can be received a mature orchard with fruit putting off the bushes about 30 exceptional varieties in whole so we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna have a look i am gonna have a just right historical look around and you’re gonna fall and love the whole lot about this property [Music] you [Music] welcome to this stunning little adorable adorable heist i’m slightly little bit of rapid orientation simply in order that you understand the place we’re at in terms of where we now have been we came up that driveway wonderful gigantic farm gate we have now obtained dam that we’ll seem at shortly and of course that mature orchard and you will see that there is simply a lot beautiful lush and green grass round that this relatively does suppose like just a little oasis now let’s go into the residence before we do i love love little expose like right here it can be on those little sliders and whoops a bit noisy flyscreens surely we’re not utilizing very as a rule we probably don’t want them however each have obtained fly monitors that pool up and down and you might have acquired stunning Queensland maple wooden features the entire manner through the residence but come on throat we’ve got acquired a dwelling subject so as to add a mattress bed room lovely rest room a further bedroom and high-quality situation for sitting having your night meal but this kitchen is really rather beautiful it is that the residence I consider was once constructed roughly however 2004 and it can be slightly preservation and it can be still development in order you’ll find it is acquired the love drawers smooth closing drawers and once more you realize the wooden tactile natural wooden bench tops it relatively just fits beautifully with the entire of this property should you simply come over here a little bit you will see views out to the garden appear on the dam simply over there and of course we have now got a tortured with I believe it’s as a minimum 30 distinctive mature trees and i go on about them being mature and that’s in view that it takes ceaselessly mostly for a tree to fruit so you could access to all of that so let’s have a speedy look by means of here laundry and storage is giant plenty of house even for a quality gigantic freezer I do not know if which you could are available in right here and have a speedy look but we now have bought wall-to-wall shelving tumble dryer washing desktop and again first-rate colossal freezer all beautiful and tiled after which this again is all all fly screened and we have received a view available in the market to the veggie patch which we will be able to have a look at so earlier than we return external have a rapid appear in the bedroom and the lavatory and the other bedroom they’ve all received developed-ins and it is usually air-conditioned terrifi [Music] it was just a terrific little patio subject you’ll be able to become aware of although that um fence around the patio which you do not have to have however can be first-rate should you’ve obtained little pets or little puppies that you need to just preserve or little kids that you wish to have to preserve in almost to the house subject my just on this aspect right here we now have got veggie patch which we can appear at in a minute that’s over that way and we’re simply going to rapidly go down and have a appear at this dam seeing that it’s you realize in culture properties if you have acquired water and whilst you’ve obtained acreage and when you’ve acquired beautiful lush lawns like what we now have at the moment it is only a pleasure to be ready to have a picnic to take a seat in entrance of a like a hearth pit a burning pit and simply surprise at what you in reality have in your possess back backyard and you will see right here this is precisely what you will love doing whether or not it is late afternoon in the event you’ve received family if you’ve received acquaintances there’s a little bit a creator within the center there and whilst you really plug it in it can be like a gigantic fountain appears excellent they usually’re additionally was red claw and barramundi and the dam accomplished up there may be any there now however you might quite simply easily put the dam is tremendous I believe it can be about six meters deep it feels excellent i am gonna stop there on the grounds that i can go on about it however it does believe brilliant let’s head up to the orchard after which we’re gonna have a quick look at the veggies and then as much as that giant shape [Music] a 30 specific mature ones exotics Tahitian lime we got Brazilian cherry we’ve got got about three special types of bananas over within the veggie patch we have got jabuticaba we have now got 5 celebrity first now we have bought mulberries dream paradise we just come from the orchard and the veggie patch my it is definitely no longer a veggie patch is a giant massive veggie garden discipline all got raised beds and if you’re into or if you need to be competent to have that sort of self sustainability and developing your own fruit and of course your possess veggies or Habs this is just flawlessly set up for it’s acquired irrigation and everything three one of a kind forms of bananas raised beds it’s all absolutely fenced so things like rely Wallabies little turkeys they’re just not going to come back in and start you know i’m scrubbing up all ya little entertaining pastures however a mint appropriate little germination area color highs and now we have bought this excellent little Oh like a little youngster residence for the lawnmower that just slides to manner within the night time and we now have obtained a Chuck pain over the opposite part as one can find it is only a exceptional subject best for a permaculture aquaculture hydroponics and of path we now have obtained sunlight scorching water there I forgot to say on the condominium that is gas boosted as good so all these little vigor self-sufficiency advantages if you like that all right here so it’ll do a rapid walk as much as the shed it’s fairly a large steep driveway nevertheless it’s well and truly worth it when you see what’s up the other finish so let’s go have a just right seem [Music] we now have just come up that it can be quite a steep driveway however you realize for the wellness and happiness of all of the household you could both bounce within the vehicle you might bounce in slightly buggy otherwise you might get your day-to-day pastime to return from a gorgeous flat paddock and subsequent to the house and the dam as much as the shed the shed is worth the touring distance it is most effective 30 seconds away however um it feels rather exclusive it feels like you could have your own little work shared you relatively have can do anything you want with it its giant concrete flooring it is got slightly steel mezzanine in the within the core and it is simplest a couple of years historical so you don’t just a little bit of paradise inside a good larger but a paradise is tremendous [Music] I particularly hope you’ve gotten enjoyed this too in the between T sanctuary close in spam you’ll discover culture simply oozing out of each a part of this property from the minute we walk within the driveway come alongside remarkable fruit timber in the orchards that is unbelievably sensational a big exceptional big lily pond or Billabong something you would like to call it is only there waiting so that you can dangle your little Tootsie’s or experience you know on the end of the day or on the weekend and of path we’ve got one more one just right here proper behind us that is a little bit scale back but it’s nonetheless one other separate attractive little Billabong veggie area and then up a driveway of direction we have now that extremely good massive three Bay American ban on concrete slab with a big enormous grasped discipline in front now we have got a sunlight sizzling water gasoline boost e so if it can be a cloudy day in the the wet season like at present you’re invariably gonna have scorching water likewise we’ve bought thousands of Tanks up the the highest so you’re not ever gonna depend on water and for people who have dogs or animals mainly puppies there may be simply a line if you like a boundary line for a dog perimeter fence so they only ought to wear these little colours if you wanted to nevertheless it’s an alternative just to let them run free but take it in it’s real real magical so provide me a name on to the Martin it is you understand 4 zero three seven double eight one eight seven talk over with the web site Angela Martin dot television you will love this tradition property